Chicken and basil pesto pasta meal prep

3 ways to make meal prep easier

By Clare Keating – Nutritionist and Ex-Chef

Does meal prep feel daunting and stressful?


Do you picture spending hours in the kitchen cooking meal after meal, portioning out breakfasts and snacks into a million containers?

Only to get bored 2 days later having to eat the same meal over and over again?


Well, it does not have to be that way!


We’ve got 3 easy tips to save you time and make meal prep easy and enjoyable

Healthy Salmon Salad

1. Start Small

Start by prepping 1 or 2 things. You don’t need to meal prep every meal that you want to eat that week. Start with cooking 1 recipe that you can use as a grab and go for when you’re in a rush. Or start by baking a snack like individual quiches so that when you get home after work and dinner isn’t prepared yet, you’ve got an easy nutritious snack ready to go for you. No need to raid the pantry! You could also start by cutting up your vegetables ahead of time so that when it does come time to cook dinner you aren’t put off by the idea of doing ALL that work, it’s now just a ‘throw this and this together and I’m done


2. Try Bulk Cooking

Bulk cooking isn’t prepping every meal for the week – it’s more just utilising when you do cook, to save you time in the future. If you’re cooking say a Thai green curry for dinner tonight, instead of cooking just what the recipe says and getting 4 meals out of it, cook double and freeze it! If you do this for a few meals, you’ll end up with a bank of meals ready to go in the freezer for when you’re short on time and have nothing prepared. It doesn’t require any extra time or effort, as you’re making the recipe anyway, except now you’ll save future you so much time.



Chicken and basil pesto pasta meal prep

3. Utilize Convenience Options

The easiest option of all would be to utilize convenience options like My Muscle Chef, Macros, Fitness Outcomes, Perform, etc. Frozen meals like these do all the hard work for you!

I love to keep a bunch of meals in my freezer for when something comes up and I don’t have time to cook, they’re a real lifesaver! But I also always add extra frozen veggies, as the meals usually don’t have enough veggies in them!


Meal prepping is a great way to make healthier choices and save time and money. Though it may seem hard at first, it really doesn’t have to be. There are so many strategies and techniques you can use to fit meal prep into your life and make it an easy habit to keep you on track with your goals

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