Baily mountain bike rider

Baily Devantier-Thomas

Name: Baily Devantier-Thomas

Age: 24



Baily mountain bike rider


When did you first start mountain biking / cycling?

I started cycling 6 years ago.


What’s a key lesson you’ve learnt through your career?

It’s not over until the finish line. A lot can happen over the duration of a race. Mechanicals, accidents or just poor performance. So, if you keep working until the end, you’ll give yourself the best chance.


Has there been a defining moment for you in your career?

My first national championship. But more the realization 6 months prior that I actually have a good chance at winning and being competitive.


What has been one of the most challenging moments in your career and how did you get through?

Breaking my collarbone at the end of 2019 knowing that I had the biggest race in the world in March of 2020. I essentially had to start from square one in terms of fitness. Having just had surgery I had to start at the base with the goal of making it to the highest possible level. Through a lot of planning, big days and hard training sessions, I got to the best possible position I could. Only to have the race cancelled two days before the start!


What role has nutrition played in your career success?

Focusing on nutrition and working with All Bodies has completely changed myself as an athlete. I have improved my body composition which has allowed me to be competitive with other athletes at a national level. Going from an age group athlete at ~95kg to 80kg and competing for national championships.

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