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Sports nutrition

Eat like the elite

images of what is inside our sports nutrition ebook

Learn exactly how to fuel up for your training session!

What is the best fuel source for sport?

What should you eat in your meals leading up to training?

What should you eat just before training?

When should you eat?

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Healthy eating

easy weeknight meals

Images of what is inside our easy weeknight meals ebook

No body wants to spend time finding a new recipe and following every step meticulously on a weeknight.

That is why we have put together this FREE ebook for you.

This ebook includes:
– Healthy eating plate builder
– Guide to macronutrients & where to find them
– 3 Easy recipes with pictures & simplified instructions

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Relationship with food

Emotional eating workbook

Eating is something that is a really understandable and natural response to different events and emotions.

It is can also be really frustrationg and bring a lot of guilt and shame when we don’t understand it or feel that we can’t control it.

This ebook helps you understand why you may be eating emotionally and develop strategies to help you manage without developing rules and restrictions.

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