Level up

An online, self-paced course designed to make fuelling your body for performance this season simple.

Training hard but know that something is missing?

Well you’re in the right place because statistically, it’s likely your nutrition.

In a 2018 study looking at the nutrition of professional AFL players, they found that no players were meeting their energy needs or carb needs and only just over half met protein targets.

So not a great start with our professionals leaving results on the table.

how can you tell if you are underfuelled?

inconsistent & Low energy

poor recovery

recurrent illness

poor concentration

low iron

recurrent niggles & injuries

Poor results

Always hungry


inconsistent or lost period

You’re working hard in the gym and on the field, but you could be getting so much more from your training.

Nutrition optimises adaptations.

Food provides the building blocks to build and repair the tissues that you are putting stress on during your training sessions.

Optimised nutrition also allows promotes additional adaptations which can really improve your performance across the season!

Results you can expect when nutrition is optimised

Train harder for longer

Improved aerobic power

Recover faster

increased muscle protein synthesis and glycogen replenishment

Increased speed

Improved power to weight ratio

Zig when others zag

Nutrition is your point of difference. Study after study shows that athletes (even elite athletes) aren’t fuelling properly and don’t know how to use nutritional supplements to optimise their sport.

Get this right and you’ll be one step (or 10) ahead of the game.

Optimising your nutrition for can be simple.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you already know strategic nutrition will help you but you’ve probably also tried a few things before that haven’t yielded the results you wanted or haven’t stuck.

Firstly, it’s fairly safe to say that that is probably not a fault of your own. There is so much terrible nutrition information out there and sifting through the crap to find what is relevant to you is near impossible on your own. If you do manage to find something relevant, it’s likely that it all just feels incredibly complex.

This is why we have developed level up – to provide a one stop shop for athletes looking for simple & practical nutrition information specific to team sport.

Welcome to

Level up

Visual of online sports nutrition course modules and handouts

An online course to help you fuel your training and reach the next level

Practical learning so you can make changes straight away

Evidence-based content so you can expect results

Accessible content so that you can learn anytime and anywhere between training, work and study.

Here’s a sneak peak

17 pre-recorded video lessons and tutorials tailored specifically to the nutrition requirements of team sport athletes.

Support from All Bodies dietitians via video lessons and supportive emails.

Simple and easy to use spreadsheet so that you can calculate your own energy and macronutrient requirements

Downloadable resources and meal plan guides with easy examples of what and when to eat leading up to training sessions and games of various times.

When you start, you’ll learn:

Module cover for online sports nutrition course: Module 1

Module 1: The fuel to succeed

Understand energy balance and calculate your own energy requirements

Module cover 2 for sports nutrition course: key nutrients

Module 2: Key nutrients

Understand how protein, carbs and fats impact your performance. Calculate your macro targets.

Cover 3 for sports nutrition course: Macros to food

Module 3: Macros to food

Now you understand the science behind the fuel, learn what that looks like in food terms to fuel properly every day.

Cover 4 for sports nutrition course: fuel for training

Module 4: fuel for training

Get the most from every training session. Learn how to adapt fuel for gym vs field / court vs runs. Learn exactly what to eat before, during and after each of your sessions.

Cover 5 for sports nutrition course: sports supplements

Module 5: supplements

Not all supplements are equal but the right ones can elevate your performance. Learn exactly which ones to choose and what brands are safe

Cover 6: sports nutrition online course: meal and snack ideas

Module 6: Meal & snack ideas

Bring it all together with a library of meal guides and game day plans. We have constructed 3 different 7 day meal guides + 4 game day plans + 3 day plans that you can adapt to suit your needs.

Sports dietitian Hannah Wilson

Meet your sports dietitian

Hannah Wilson

Director of All Bodies & Accredited sports dietitian

With over 6 years practicing as an accredited dietitian, Hannah has worked with numerous individuals and teams to help them improve their performance.

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