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Brisbane Sports Dietitians at Soccer tournament

Nutrition Recommendations for Multiple Day Events & Tournaments in Team Sports

Blog Post by Student Dietitian, Madison Prendergast Sports such as Oz tag, touch football, rugby 7’s, netball, AFL, athletics, gymnastics,…

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Dietitian playing oz tag

Magnesium Supplementing to improve athletic performance: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Student Dietitian & OzTag Athlete – Madison Prendergast   Whether you’re an athlete, or just love your local…

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gatorade hydration

Hydration in Sport

During exercise, water is required to maintain your blood volume and regulate our core body temperature. You lose water during…

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Fuelling guide

Fuelling guide Make sure that you are fuelling with the right foods at the right time. Type & Timing Improve…

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What to eat during training

What to Eat Before & During an Event

Pre-Training Pre-training meal or snack One of the first things clients see me after we alter their performance nutrition is…

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man eating banana

Why does Glycaemic Index matter in sport?

Providing your body with fuel is essential and will help to ensure you can perform at your best.   Carbohydrates…

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Fodmap friendly fuelling

FODMAP Friendly Fuelling

Fuelling your body with the energy and nutrients it needs before a training session or game is an important aspect…

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Importance of Iron in Sport

What is iron? Iron is an essential mineral that you obtain through your diet. The body requires iron for many…

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Creatine monohydrate

Should you take creatine?

Creatine is one of the most talked about supplements on the market. However, with all of this talk comes many…

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Man lifting weights in the gym

What to Eat After Training

Food provides the building blocks for recovery and adaptations. Adequate nutrition speeds up the recovery process and maximizes the extent…

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What to eat during training

You’re halfway through your training session and are starting to feel light headed, fatigued and its getting difficult to move…

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Triathlon athlete

How to Carb Load for Optimal Performance

The term carb loading gets thrown around as a joke on pizza and pasta night but what does it actually…

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iron foods

Iron for athletes: why, how much and where from?

You’ve heard it 10000x – you need iron to run well. But do you actually know why? Or how much…

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Lollies to eat at half time

The best half-time foods for athletes

It’s currently nearing the end of many sporting seasons and a lot of our clients are preparing for finals and…

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Olympic weight lifter

Fuelling running vs strength training

Whether gym closures have you switching from strength training to running, or you just want to incorporate more running into…

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Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?

By Grace Ingram   There is no shortage of shiny statements in mainstream media about the benefits of collagen supplements….

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