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Dietitian playing oz tag

Magnesium Supplementing to improve athletic performance: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Student Dietitian & OzTag Athlete – Madison Prendergast   Whether you’re an athlete, or just love your local…

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Importance of Iron in Sport

What is iron? Iron is an essential mineral that you obtain through your diet. The body requires iron for many…

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Creatine monohydrate

Should you take creatine?

Creatine is one of the most talked about supplements on the market. However, with all of this talk comes many…

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iron foods

Iron for athletes: why, how much and where from?

You’ve heard it 10000x – you need iron to run well. But do you actually know why? Or how much…

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Vitamin B12 meat

Vitamin B12 – The basics

By All Bodies Intern Chelsea Blissett Vitamin B12 is a vitamin commonly thrown around in television  advertisements about foods and…

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Man running along a river

Should you use a pre-workout?

By Clare Keating – All Bodies Nutritionist and Ex-Chef   To start off, if you are an elite athlete that…

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