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Brisbane Sports Dietitians at Soccer tournament

Nutrition Recommendations for Multiple Day Events & Tournaments in Team Sports

Blog Post by Student Dietitian, Madison Prendergast Sports such as Oz tag, touch football, rugby 7’s, netball, AFL, athletics, gymnastics,…

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Baily mountain bike rider

Baily Devantier-Thomas

Name: Baily Devantier-Thomas Age: 24       When did you first start mountain biking / cycling? I started cycling…

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Amy Sommerville Netballer

Amy Sommerville

Meet netball player Amy Sommerville! Amy has been working with our nutritionist Christina to help her fuel her performance on…

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Dietitian playing oz tag

Magnesium Supplementing to improve athletic performance: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Student Dietitian & OzTag Athlete – Madison Prendergast   Whether you’re an athlete, or just love your local…

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iron foods

Iron for athletes: why, how much and where from?

You’ve heard it 10000x – you need iron to run well. But do you actually know why? Or how much…

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Lollies to eat at half time

The best half-time foods for athletes

It’s currently nearing the end of many sporting seasons and a lot of our clients are preparing for finals and…

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Dietitian stretching

Should you eat before you workout?

By Hannah – All Bodies Director and Accredited Practising Dietitian   Prefer a video explanation? Click here or scroll down…

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How sleep affects your athletic performance

When it comes to athletic performance whether you are an elite athlete or a first timer in the gym, increasing…

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Soccer player

Isaka Cernak – Football

  HAS THERE BEEN A DEFINING MOMENT IN YOUR FOOTBALL CAREER? Too many to recall, but on reflection of the…

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Tori West – Heptathlete


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Protein Quality

What does protein quality mean?

Not all protein sources are equal. In fact, where you get your protein from can significantly impact your results in…

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Salted Caramel Recovery Smoothie

Salted Caramel Recovery Smoothie

What should you eat after training?   There are 2 parts to post-training nutrition: Your initial post-training meal Your standard…

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Low carb foods

The Effect of Keto on Bone Health

Everyone has an opinion about keto. Based on what I’ve heard, you either love it or you hate it. However,…

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Hannah AFL

Keeping Your Cool on Game Day – Tips for Lowering Body Temperature

By Grace Ingram   While sweating up a storm can be a satisfying signal of a good workout, when it…

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